What are canned razor clams?

The bivalve family provides us with authentic and highly appreciated delicacies. Razor clams are one of the best known members in the world of gourmands, for having a juicy and soft meat with an intense sea flavor. In this short post we tell you what are razor clams, their health benefits, the main differences between Galician and Dutch razor clams and where you can buy them.

What are razor clams?

Razor clams are bivalve mollusks with yellowish, very shiny and elongated shells, which reach a length between 7 and 15 cm. Razor clams live in shallow sea bottoms, buried in the sand, from where they capture and filter the plankton on which they feed.

Benefits of razor clams

In addition to their flavor, razor clams are highly appreciated for their nutritional values, they have a very low level of calories and a high content of omega 3, for this reason nutritionists recommend their consumption as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Razor clams provide essential fatty acids, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and are rich in iodine, which is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It helps growth, improves mental agility, and strengthens nails, hair and teeth.

Differences between Galician and Dutch razors

The main difference is given by the method of fishing or extraction used:

  • Dutch razor: it is extracted by means of suction dredges in the sandy bottoms that suck and drag a multitude of living organisms from these ecosystems. This system of capture is much cheaper and at the same time much more harmful to the marine environment.
  • Galician razorfish: they are extracted one by one by divers, who have a limited daily amount that they can collect, which is around 15 kg per diver. This method of capture is much more expensive, which affects the selling price, but it is also much more respectful and sustainable for the marine environment.

Where to buy canned Galician razor clams?

In Colono we are specialists in canned Galician fish and therefore you can buy canned Galician razor clams made in their natural state, without additives or preservatives. The Galician razor clams are elaborated with a previous selection of the best specimens, which are subjected to a natural purification process to eliminate the sand.