Pairing of pata negra ham at Christmas time

If you are a true gourmand, you probably like to combine each delicatessen with a drink that accompanies it to perfection and enhances or counteracts its flavor and aroma, to create an authentic gourmet experience.

Iberian ham is a product that can be enjoyed without anything else, since its flavor full of nuances, between sweet and salty, is a real delight. However, accompanying it with some beverages can enhance its flavor even more.

Pata negra ham and white wine

White wines contain less tannins, which reduces astringency and promotes the flavors of the ham. In addition, as they have more acidity, they help cleanse the flavor of the ham so that each bite is a new explosion of flavor.

Pata negra ham and sparkling wine

Sparkling wines, such as Champagne or Cava, offer a good balance between the acidity and fat of the ham. They also have an additional advantage: their bubbles will help us to clean the mouth and prepare it for the next slice of ham. The fattier the ham, the better the bubbles will accompany it. This is why sparkling wines are mentioned as a great pairing for pata negra ham.

Pata negra ham and fino or manzanilla wine

It has been considered for years as the ideal pairing for pata negra ham, as it enhances and potentiates the flavor of this ham, being a very dry and slightly salty wine, with notes of dried fruits.