Iberian pig

The Iberian pig

Do you know what makes the Ibérico pig so famous and unique? First and foremost, this is a special breed that is native to the Iberian Peninsula. By crossing with wild boars that once inhabited the shores of the Mediterranean, this particular breed has developed over the centuries.

The real difference

Even in appearance it can be seen that they are not ordinary pigs. Iberian pigs are usually darker and covered with sparse fur. They also have tender ankles.

But the real difference is the meat. Ibérico pigs are able to store fat between the muscles, which enhances aroma, taste and texture. This is not only due to the special genetics, but also to the diet and environment.

The animals drink more than 50 liters of water daily and eat on average between eight and ten kilos of acorns, herbs, herbs and mushrooms. In search of food on the large pastures, they often travel more than 14 kilometers a day.

Particularly well developed is the sense of smell of the animals, which even allows them to find delicacies such as truffles. The fat infiltration is also recognizable by the beautiful marbling of the meat and makes the Ibérico pig to a culinary delicacy.

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