The Colono Gourmet Team are passionate foodies who have more than 30 years of combined experience in the food industry.

We are proud of the long-term relationships we create with our customers.

Passion, diligence and dedication determine the success of our brand, encompassing our full-service model: Sales + Logistics + Analytics.



Our team

Pedro Trujillo

Pedro Trujillo

My mission: to stay in control and to ensure that you receive your products in perfect condition and on time.

Colono's body part: the brain. I assign the instructions and juggle the numbers.

My favorite product: Jamón Ibérico Acorn-fed - a perfect present to bring for a special occasion.


Javier Betoret-Colono Gourmet

Javier Betoret

My mission: to build the basis for sustainable growth and carry the Colono Spirit into the world.

Colono's body part: the legs. I provide stability as we walk and grow.

My favorite product: Cantabrian anchovies - even one awakens all your senses.


Francisco Carmona-Colono Gourmet

Francisco Carmona

My mission: to select only the best of the best for you. The magic takes place when our portfolio is enhanced by quality products at unbeatable prices.

Colono's body part: the heart. The extra dose of passion is guaranteed with me.

My favorite product: Basque cow steak (chuletón) - when I cook the steak, the scent already brings my guests to the seventh heaven.

Emilio Aragon-Colono Gourmet

Emilio Aragón

My mission: to manage our showroom in Vienna, to track trends and to gain important insights from the feedback of our guests.

Colono's body part: the left hand. My hands-on mentality is masterful.

My favorite product: Ostatu from D.O. Rioja - there is no better companion for an enjoyable evening.

Colonel team

Colono Vienna team

We really appreciate our Showroom team.

Every day, the team works with pleasure to implement our high service and quality standards and to delight our customers with our passion for the Spanish culinary culture.

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