The Wagyu beef

The Wagyu beef

May we introduce: the most expensive beef worldwide - the Wagyu beef. Translated, Wagyu means "Japanese meat," because the origin of this breed of cattle lies in Japan. There they are also known as Tajima cattle (black cattle). Meanwhile, the cattle are bred worldwide, including among our producers in Spain.

Kobe or Wagyu?

Often, the name Kobe falls when Wagyu is mentioned. Similar to champagne, however, only Wagyu cattle born, reared, fattened and slaughtered in the Kobe region of Japan may use the term Kobe.

Kobe is thus Wagyu beef with a protected denomination of origin and special quality criteria.

But what makes the Wagyu beef so exclusive? A peculiarity is that in the past the animals were hardly crossed with other cattle because Buddhism was strictly against the consumption of cows. Due to genetic fat deposits in the muscle tissue, they reach the highest degree of marbling of all cattle breeds and an extremely high fat content. However, this consists largely of unsaturated fatty acids and is therefore by no means unhealthy.

The fine Fettäderderchen make the meat appear pink and are responsible for its particularly delicate texture. The fat melts even at low temperatures and therefore literally melts on the tongue.

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